Backcountry roads closed for winter

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho (KIFI) — Beginning Thursday, some of Bonneville County’s backcountry and forest roads will be closed for the winter season. These road closures occur each year by order of the Bonneville County Commissioners because winter conditions make maintenance impractical and dangerous. Several of these roads are part of a groomed trail system maintained … Read more

Tennessee drivers are responding to TDOT’s proposed paid express lanes

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) — Tennessee drivers have had mixed reactions to the Department of Transportation’s “Choice Lanes,” a proposal to improve congestion in the state. Choice lanes, part of TDOT’s public-private partnerships, are paid express lanes that drivers can choose to get to their destination faster for a set price. TDOT said that with gas … Read more

KOSHRC proposes that all Kentucky employers with more than eight employees must develop bloodborne pathogen training programs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard 29 CFR § 1910.1030 on blood-borne pathogens requires employers whose employees “professionally come into contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials” to develop written exposure control plans to reduce employee exposure to eliminate or minimize. “Occupational exposure” requires that an employee be “reasonably” expected to come … Read more

Biden is demanding that South Carolina come first in the Democratic presidential nomination process

WASHINGTON — President Biden is proposing a reshuffle in the order of states holding the first nomination contests for the Democratic Party’s presidency, proposing to put South Carolina first instead of Iowa, Democrats over the plan said were informed on Thursday evening. Mr. Biden would then like to see New Hampshire and Nevada go next … Read more

Montana senators vote to avert national rail strike

US senators from Montana on Thursday voted to deny railroad workers the right to strike amid fears that a looming job cut would have dire economic consequences amid an ongoing contract dispute with the country’s monopoly railroads. The vote confirms a compromise labor contract drafted by President Joe Biden’s administration in September but rejected by … Read more

Biden, who demotes Iowa and values ​​diversity, wants SC as first elementary school

WASHINGTON — President Biden and the Democratic National Committee plan to radically overhaul the party’s presidential process, making South Carolina the first primary state in 2024, followed by Nevada and New Hampshire, Georgia and then Michigan. The plan, announced by party officials at a dinner Thursday in Washington, signals the end of Iowa’s long tenure … Read more

Summary updates for Swift Current Funding Obligations

On December 1, FEMA announced that it had committed approximately $10.28 million to flood protection projects in Louisiana and New Jersey through its Swift Current Initiative (FMA) to drive progress toward timely containment by accelerating funds for communities working to become more flood resilient. This is the first FEMA initiative funded by President Biden’s bipartisan … Read more

Group wants a black woman to replace Cunningham

A coalition of black leaders wants a black woman to replace Sen. Sandra Cunningham (D-Jersey City), who is facing significant cognitive health issues and is expected to step down before the end of her term. “Whoever is elected to replace Senator Cunningham – whether temporarily or permanently – must be a black woman,” the group … Read more