What Is VPS Web Hosting and What Does It Bring to the Table?

Virtual Private Server, mostly known as VPS, is a unique type of hosting that shares many similarities with other web hosting mediums. Personal web projects and small online stores can profit from VPS web hosting as it offers better features and more control to end users, just as an actual dedicated server would.

And it is very cost-effective too, so, win-win!

How Does It Work?

With a web hosting service, you get access to a chunk of a server in order to manage your digital venture. Simply put, you share it with several other users, although none of the joint users get to see the shared segments.

VPS web hosting is a similar thing, but there is one major difference: the fraction of the server that you get will be exclusively tailored to your specifications.

people in front of laptops discussing VPS vs hosting

You can use your fraction in any way you like, just as you would a dedicated server, even though the shared environment is only an illusion.

Shared Vs. VPS Hosting: Which One To Choose?

Shared hosting options are good enough to tackle a simple personal project such as a site for a startup. However, as soon as your website’s assets expand beyond a threshold, you might want to upgrade to a dedicated channel to manage them in an efficient manner.

This is where VPS web hosting comes into play, and allows you to run:

  • eCommerce sites
  • Blogs & vlogs
  • Storing data
  • FTP or file transfer protocol

And much more…

VPS web hosting offers optimal performance, expanded resource space, and better security for larger sites – all in all, an effective and cost-efficient website hosting option.

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